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Apricus Energy Partners

Apricus Energy Partners is a team of highly experienced energy industry professionals focused on transitioning into the new age of energy. Our area of expertise is green hydrogen development with options for green ammonia and green methanol.

About Apricus Energy Partners

At Apricus Energy Partners, we believe that we are stewards of our environment and share the responsibility of helping industries reach sustainable solutions for the future. Apricus Energy Partners are focused on bringing together the necessary partners to develop hydrogen facilities that would supply green hydrogen to the following users:

The Future of hydrogen is now

The United States intends to develop a leading green hydrogen industry to accelerate clean air, climate objectives, and energy benefits as well as integrate with existing and new renewable resources. ​

Federal and State Funding Opportunities

Current federal and state funding opportunities include Inflation Reduction Act, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), Hydrogen Earth Shot Challenge, Hydrogen Infrastructure Initiative, ZEV Action Plan-California State, and Hydrogen Hub Development-Federal and State.

Climate Action Plans

Many city and municipal jurisdictions and public corporations have made it a high priority to reduce carbon emissions. Hydrogen is one of the best solutions to accomplish this goal.

Building Needs Start Now

To assist communities and governments reach their goals by 2030, projects need to start today.
Using existing technology and incorporating new advancements will result in successful projects.

Hydrogen Development

We Believe in the win-win-win method:

You win.
we win.
the environment

Apricus Energy Partners intends to lead the development of the green hydrogen industry with a strategy that supports reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water sustainability. The three key points of our strategy include: 
A distribution model that enacts point-to-point supply
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The core focus of our strategy requires a sustainable water source 
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The development of long-term relationships with industry leaders enables us to step into a more sustainable future
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our mission

Apricus Energy Partners was formed by a group of like-minded individuals with a passion for sustainable energy and the solutions we can provide for commercial and industrial power users across North America. Our team's experience includes decades of energy expertise, including traditional and renewable energy. 

Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future by providing reliable, affordable, and clean energy solutions. We are committed to developing innovative renewable energy technologies and delivering them to communities while striving to minimize our environmental impact and maximizing social benefits.

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